1/4 Pound Hamburger Patties ($6.99/lb.)
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Hamburger Patties (1/4 pounders)

  • 1/4 lb. patties (8 patties per package)
  • Avg. 2 lbs. per package
  • $6.99 per pound


Each patty is separated by wax paper, and has a 12-15% fat content. They have the rich flavor of 100% grass-fed beef without piling on the saturated fats. Ground daily only from local beef. It's a burger you will love to eat!

Cooking Tips

The fats in 100% grass fed beef will fry out more quickly at high temperatures.  Fat is flavor too.  For tastiest results, be sure not to over cook it.  Remember, start high, finish low.

1/4 Pound Hamburger Patties ($6.99/lb.)

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