Baby Back Ribs ($7.99/lb.)
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Baby Back Ribs

  • One rack per package
  • Avg. 3 lbs. per package


The Baby Back Ribs are cut from the rib cage between the spine and the spare rib, just below the loin muscle.

The origin of the name indicates the cuts are from market weight hogs, rather than sows. Baby Back Ribs have meat between the bones that results in a meatier rib than Spare Ribs.

Cooking Tips

There are so many recipes for BBQ ribs. Should I use a sauce or a dry rub? Do I brine? Should I smoke? The following cooking tips are for those who don’t have a smoker or the time, but want a really good, easy BBQ.

This is all you need.

Our Baby Back Ribs

1. One pack of your favorite spice rub

2. Aluminum foil

3. Roasting pan and rack.

Generously season ribs, both sides, wrap tightly in foil and refrigerate over night.

Let the ribs temper for an hour, then put the ribs in the roasting pan and into a 225 degree oven for 3 1/2 – 4 hours.

To cut into individual ribs stand them up vertically on a cutting board and cut down between the bones.

And if you really have to have sauce just toss them in a bowl to coat the ribs, or serve the sauce in a bowl, for dipping.

Baby Back Ribs ($7.99/lb.)

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