British Bacon ($8.79/lb.)
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Smoked British Bacon

  • Avg. 1 lb. per package
  • Contains Nitrates
  • Seasoning Mix is MSG-Free


Think of British bacon as somewhat of a combination 
of both American-style bacon and Canadian bacon.
American bacon- made from the belly (the "streaky" to Brits).
Canadian bacon- made from the loin (the "rasher" to Brits).
With British bacon, you take the loin, and keep a layer of fat on it,
while also keeping a smaller portion of the belly attached.
Picture a bone-in pork chops with the bone removed
but all the fat untrimmed.

Best if cooked slowly on a cast iron griddle
to allow the fattier portion to baste the leaner portions.

Pork, maple sugar, cane sugar, salt, nitrite, spices

British Bacon ($8.79/lb.)

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