Indian Summer Mixed Grill Selection $50.00
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Indian Summer Mixed Grill Selection

It may be back-to-school time, that doesn’t mean the end of summer grilling.  We’ve put together our Indian Summer Mixed Grill selection so you can enjoy savory grass fed beef and real pork on those warm September nights.  Perfect for those of you have grown weary of steaks and burgers, our selection of signature sausages, marinated chicken legs, and tender chops and kabobs will bring new life to the grill.  And it’s a great way to feed a whole class of back to schoolers without having to dip into the college fund.

  •  4 Links of our signature Pine Street Sausage (Pork, garlic, nutmeg, spices.  Nitrite free. No sugar, gluten or preservatives.)
  •  4 BBQ Marinated Chicken Leg and Thighs (salt, paprika, dried onion, garlic, brown sugar, spices)
  •  2 Thick cut Pork Chops
  •  4 Sirloin Beef Kabobs


Indian Summer Mixed Grill Selection $50.00

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