LUCKY 7 SAMPLER PACK $165.00 Avg. Price
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Trying us for the first time? If so, great! Here's a way to get a wee taste! 

The 7 Sampler Pack from Blue Valley Meats has a little bit of everything:  
Starting with the understanding that these meats come to you
"From Ranchers Who Care... Who People Who Care!" 

1 Pkg. Ground Beef
1 Pot Roast
1 Top Sirloin Steak
1 Ground Pork
1 Pkg. of 2 Pork Chops 
1 Pkg. of 4 Bratwurst Sausages
1 Ground Lamb
1 Ground Bison
1 Ground Elk
1 Salmon Filet
1 Whole Chicken 

Estimated Price:  $165.00 avg. 16/lbs.

  • The weights of the meats can vary, so while we estimate the cost of the pack will be around $140.00, it will likely be just slightly more or slightly less.  

LUCKY 7 SAMPLER PACK $165.00 Avg. Price

Average Price: $165.00
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