Pot Roast (Bone-in) ($6.79/lb.)
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Pot Roast (Bone-in)

  • 1 roast per package
  • Avg. 4.5 lbs. each
  • $6.79 per pound 


Pot Roasts often contain muscles that generally tend to be tough, so slow cooking methods such as braising and stewing are recommended.  Pot Roasts also come in a number of shapes and styles.  If you have a preference about bone-in or other distinctions for what part of the shoulder it comes from, please add your request to the comments box.

Cooking Tips

Brown the roast lightly in hot oil then simmer gently, covered, in a well flavored stock or broth.  Cook at lower temp (around 300 degrees) until melting and tender.  But be careful not to go too long - "falling off the bone" often means overcooked and dry.

Pot Roast (Bone-in) ($6.79/lb.)

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