Small Broad Breasted Turkey ($5.29/lb.)

Small Broad Breasted White Holland Turkey  

Broad Breasted White turkeys are noted for their large size and extra proportions of white breast meat to go along with the richly flavored dark meat.  This is an excellent selection for larger gatherings or if you want leftovers the next day for turkey sandwiches and casseroles. 

All of our turkeys are raised in a free-range environment with healthy, non-GMO feed.

  • PREFERENCES: If you want a turkey in the larger or smaller end of this weight range, please specifiy in the comments box and we will do       our best for you.
  • PRICE: $5.29 per pound
  • THAWING: Turkeys come frozen, so allow 1 day per 5 lbs. to thaw in refrigerator


Small Broad Breasted Turkey ($5.29/lb.)

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