St. Louis Style Ribs ($4.79/lb.)
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St. Louis Style Ribs

  • One rack per package
  • Avg. 3.5 lbs. per package
  • $4.79 per pound


St. Louis cut ribs (sometimes called SLC or barbecue cut or Kansas City cut)  "This rectangular rack trimmed from a full rack of spare ribs provides the great flavor of spare ribs with the uniformity and manageable size that you get from baby backs."   A typical 2 to 3 pound slab can serve two people or one really hungry man.

Cooking Tips

Because the 10 to 13 rib bones are straight and flat, they are the best cut for recipes that require the ribs to be first browned in a frying pan on the stovetop.  When smoke roasted at about 225°F, they take five to six hours to reach perfection.




St. Louis Style Ribs ($4.79/lb.)

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