How to Buy Our Meats Online

You must select a delivery location and date and add it to your shopping cart. If a delivery location does not appear on your invoice please call 509.876.4700 or email to confirm that your order has been processed. 



  • Please note the times and dates for the location you choose.
  • Meat orders  must be placed no later than the Monday night prior to delivery. 
  • Delivery is free to each location (except FedEx and Alaska)  but you still need to select a delivery location when placing each order.
  • Please pay with a credit card in our secure shopping cart. 
  • Meats are delivered frozen. 


  • You will receive 2 invoices.  The first is an automated invoice and will show only estimated totals. Once you receive the first invoice, you should expect that your order will arrive as scheduled and on time.  The second invoice will show you the actual totals. You card will only be charged once we know and process the actual total of each product in your order.


Meats Cancellation Policy

  •  If an order is canceled prior to it being assembled, there will be no charge for cancellation. 
  •  If an order is canceled after it is assembled and before it leaves our facility, a 10% restocking fee will be charged.
  •  If an order is canceled after leaving our facility, a 20% restocking and storage fee will be charged. 



*** Prices are subject to change***


     If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call us at 1.509.876.4700. 

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